Our Services

Personalised Support

A comprehensive and structured programme of activities is accessed both within the centre and within the local community, based on individual needs and wishes.

The service offers personalised support with individually tailored plans to provide learning and leisure opportunities. The approach of the service is to encourage greater independence by teaching new skills, as well as providing opportunities to make new friends and to go out.

The service will offer outreach, in the community, in group sessions or one-to-one (or higher) can be provided. The service user is the focus with in which activities and projects are tailored around.

Our Aims

  • To offer a high quality, person-centred and dynamic approach to day opportunities which encourage people to make the best use of their skills and assist them to reach their potential.

  • To offer choice to each person and ensure that their day package is designed to meet their needs and wishes.

  • To enable each person to achieve as high a level of fulfilment and enjoyment as possible.

Enabling people to access a range of activities, day trips and outings

  • Trips to the cinema/ theatre and bowling
  • Sporting Activities including Snooker and Darts
  • Walks to local parks and amenities
  • Health & Beauty sessions
  • Library visits
  • Visits to places of interest
  • Eating out including pub lunches
  • Leisure centre activities (Swimming or Gym)
  • Music and dancing including Disco and seasonal events.

One-to-one and Group activities

  • Sound and recording production using I.T to develop skills to NVQ Level 1
  • Music and dance activities
  • Cook & Eat sessions to improve cooking skills
  • Computer skills
  • Light and sound activities utilising dedicated sensory room on site.
  • Relaxation therapy